The Classic Rock Lounge is now silent.

Thank you for listening to the Classic Rock Lounge. For five years, we produced an unmistakable mix of Classic Rock, Metal and Alternative Rock. The station ceased broadcasting on New Year’s Eve, 2017.

Founded in 2011, this station has been the volunteer-run hobby project of classic rock fans spread over two continents for many years. Sadly, as a non-commercial web radio station in an ever-changing music licensing landscape, we are struggling to pay for the costs of operating this station, and other commitments leave our volunteers little time for the day-to-day business of running the Classic Rock Lounge.

We would like to thank our listeners from around the world for their loyalty over the years.

Special thanks to the volunteers who have been contributing their time to the station: Dee, Dave, Marty, Niels and Marcus.

We would also like to acknowledge two of our most loyal listeners, Martin and Kirsty, who have with us since the beginning when we used to broadcast for a hand full of people.

And who knows… we might be back one day!